Health Equity Alliance

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HEA Research & Communications Support
Center for Informed Equity Solutions
Published reports summarizing the 'best of' ideas in operationally-focused playbooks ♦ Case study library highlighting member tested practices ♦ Amplifications of successful iniatives to boost member recognition
Communication & Education Hub
Press releases amplifying successes across Alliance members ♦ Learnings from Center for Informed Equity Solutions embedded into other Academy programming (e.g., forums)
Collective Approaches to PMC & Policy
Performance Measurement Cooperative
Working sessions to advance evaluation techniques, determine composite equity measures for evaluation ♦ Centralized repository of aggregated healthcare organization data to drive decisions & inform investments.
Strategic Policy Accelerator
Underlying policy barriers identification, prioritization, and recommendation development ♦ Joint press releases around call-to-action themes ♦ Policy analyses & implications to provide political and economic context and inform advocacy work
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